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Oral History Project

Documenting our Experiences in The Field of Archaeology.

The Collection


One of SBA’s goals is to capture and highlight the history of African descendant people in the field of archaeology. To achieve this we collect and archive oral history interviews of African descendant people in the field to gain a better understanding of the roles and experiences they have had in the past and present.


Dr. Peggy Brunache


Dr. Peggy Brunache is a lecturer at Dundee University, culinary consultant and has done numerous food programs for BBC. She attended undergrad at the University of Florida and worked in Cultural Resources Management (CRM) before continuing her graduate studies at the University of Texas-Austin. Dr. Ayana Flewellen had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Brunache to discuss her life as a Haitian-American in Florida, getting involved in archaeology, and finding her niche. In this interview Brunache discusses some of the challenges associated with African Diaspora archaeology, her move to Scotland and the opportunities and challenges associated with juggling multiple professions. 

Dr. George Abungu


In this interview Dr. George Abungu describes his education at the University of Nairobi and Cambridge University and his experiences with the National Museums of Kenya. Abungu describes his international consultancy firm Okello Abungu Heritage Consultants and his current efforts in training the next generation of heritage professionals. In conclusion Abungu describes the current state of archaeology and heritage preservation in Africa and offers advice to young African archaeologists.


Dr. Alexandra Jones


At the Society for Historical Archaeology conference in Quebec, Canada, Dr. Ayana Flewellen sat down with Dr. Alexandra Jones. Dr. Jones discussed her interests in archaeology, undergraduate years at Howard University, and "cutting her teeth" with Mayan archaeology in Mexico. As a graduate student, she became committed to the idea of community collaboration and upon receiving her Ph.D., returned to Washington, D.C. to found Archaeology in the Community. In this interview she outlines some of the latest projects as well as her experience at SHA.


Dr. Antoinette Jackson


This interview was conducted by Justin Dunnavant, former graduate student at the University of Florida. In this interview Dr. Antoinette Jackson discusses her early influences, her career switch from Business to Anthropology, her current researcher interests from her book to her current projects, the USF Heritage Research Lab and her experiences as Regional Ethnographer for the NPS.

Dr. Whitney battle-baptiste


Dr. Justin P. Dunnavant, former graduate student of Anthropology at the University of Florida interviewed Dr. Battle-Baptiste about her experience in the field of archaeology. The interview covers a range of topics from Battle-Baptiste introduction to the field to the publication of her first book project.

Dr. Rachel Watkins


Dr. Justin Dunnavant ran into Dr. Rachel Watkins at the 98th Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History in Jacksonville, FL where she presented on a panel entitled, "African Americans in Anthropology and the Sciences." . In this interview Dr. Watkins discusses her early interests in anthropology, her work with the New York African Burial Ground, ethics and African American burial remains, and her most recent work with the W. Montague Cobb Research Laboratory at Howard University.


Dr. William “Bill” White


We spoke with Dr. William “Bill” White about a number of topics related to CRM including present and future opportunities, the CRM Archaeology PodcastSuccinct Research, and his two most recent publications: Resume Writing for Scientists
and Small Archaeology Project Management

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SBA would like to thank the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program at the University of Florida, for allowing the use of their resources in the creation of this collection